The Schedule & Details of Online FX Educational Seminar by HotForex this week!

May 2, 2017

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The Schedule & Details of Online FX Educational Seminar by HotForex this week!

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Analysis is the focus of HotForex’s webinars this week.

Alvaro’s doing tomorrow’s live analysis, then on Wednesday Andria’s going to be looking at Andrews’ Pitchfork for channel and trend traders.

Finally on Thursday Kay will be studying how the markets have been and might be affected by the French elections.

It’s an exciting lineup of topics: join in to broaden your analytical knowledge and expand the scope of your trading strategy.

Online Seminars by HotForex

Live analysis tomorrow sees Alvaro looking critically at recent developments in the markets and suggesting how this might affect activity in the week ahead.

He’ll also be answering your questions on trading and analysis.

HotForex Seminar  Live Analysis with Alvaro Marinho
 Date & Time  Tuesday 2 May, 11 AM GMT

Andrews’ Pitchfork is a relatively lesser-used tool made up of three lines that can be used to identify the start and end of trends.

Wednesday’s webinar sees Andria explaining Andrews’ Pitchfork and giving her tips on how it can be integrated into your strategy.

 HotForex Seminar  Andrews’ Pitchfork
 Date & Time  Wednesday 3 May, 11 AM GMT

The first round of the French presidential elections caused significant volatility in the markets, and the runoff on 7 May has the potential to do the same.

Join Kay’s webinar on Thursday for analysis of how the latest news might affect the euro and your trading strategy.

 HotForex Seminar  The French Elections and Their Impact on the Market
 Date & Time  Thursday 4 May, 1 PM GMT

For information about other webinars, you can visit the HotForex webinar page.

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