The Oil Company “Total S. A.” Stock is available for trading on FXNet MT4

September 6, 2016

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The Oil Company “Total S. A.” Stock is available for trading on FXNet MT4

FXNet is happy to announce that the company has another new CFD Stock to the list of financial instruments.

The newly added Stock CFD is the “Total S. A., the huge oil and gas company in France.

It is going to be the first Oil and Gas company which FXNet is going to introduce in a form of Stock CFD.

It’s the first oil and gas company that’s currently listed on the FxNet Shares CFD list.

Over the past couple of months, FXNet has been listening to the requests of our traders and have added quite a few new instruments, including Nintendo and Lockheed.

With Total added to our CFDs list, they’ve now surpassed the seventy mark, and will continue to listen to traders and add companies they want see on the FxNet MT4 platform.

Who is “Total S.A”?

total oil gas company france stock cfd

This ninety-two year old multinational is headquartered in France and is a top-tier international oil and gas company.

They are also a world-class natural gas operator and a global leader in solar energy through its affiliate SunPower.

Their activities span oil and gas production, refining, petrochemicals and marketing.

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