The highest Forex leverage in the world! 1:3000 with FBS online broker

April 27, 2016

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The highest Forex leverage in the world! 1:3000 with FBS online broker

You may never even heard of the leverage 1:3000 with other brokers, because it is the highest leverage in the world provided by FBS only.

With the 1:3000 leverage, your profit will be 3000 times more and your loss will be 3000 times more also.

It may be the most powerful Forex trading tool.

Make a deposit of 1 dollar, then you will have 3,000 dollars as a margin in your trading account.

No Debt, Limited Risks

Forex trading is the most volatile investment market in the world and it has got risks upon tradings.

Trading with 1:3000 means that your profit/loss will be 3,000 times more. You can even lose all your deposit funds in a moment or earn millions.

One great thing about FBS is that the broker offers NBP(Negative Balance Protection) to all its traders, so you will not lose more than you deposit with FBS.

Trading with FBS means you can leverage your profit 3,000 times more and limit your loss to the deposit amount.

It’s not even 50-50 anymore. Many traders earn large profits by trading FBS.

Bonus Promotions

FBS also offers really luxurious bonus promotions.

Demo/live/Facebook Contest, Deposit bonus, No Deposit Bonus, Trading Bonus, Cash Back Bonus, Insurance Program etc.

You wouldn’t find a promotion which FBS does not offer. Also most of the bonuses are available for withdrawal by trading certain trading volumes.

The broker has got all kinds of bonuses, and you can find all the promotions by logging into your “Personal Area”.

Conditions of 1:3000

Although the highest leverage in the world is really attractive, there are some certain conditions to use the leverage.

Some main conditions are as follows:

  • 1:3000 is applicable only if the account balance is below 200 USD
  • Joining 100% Deposit Bonus Promotion or Insurance Program will reduce the leverage to 1:500
  • The highest leverage is available only with Micro and Standard account of FBS

You can open 5 real/live account with FBS though, you are only allowed to open one account per one trading account type.

Please contact FBS support team for further details, so you will definitely have the opportunity to trade with the highest leverage in the world.

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