The best high leveraged brokers for Forex trading!

May 3, 2016

Leverage is one important element for trading Forex and CFDs,

Reducing risk exposures is possible with any brokers, but there is a limit for increasing the exposure in order to earn more profits.

So higher the leverage is, more the opportunities and it is always good to have more opportunities for your tradings.

Here, we will introduce three online Forex & CFD brokers with high leverage and good reputations.

1. FBS – 1:3000


FBS is a broker based in Russia and regulated by IFSC currently.

The broker offers the highest leverage in the world, which is 1:3000.

FBS is one of the biggest online brokers in the world. The reasons why traders choose FBS would be:

  • The highest leverage in the world
  • Gorgeous Bonus Promotions
  • Excellent customer services

One thing you need to be careful is that you cannot use the leverage 1:3000 if you have more than $200 in your account.

So the highest leverage is available with a bit limited conditions.

FBS is stable and it wouldn’t be a wrong choice to trade with this broker.

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2. LMFX – 1:1000

LMFX official website photo

LMFX is a relatively new broker based in Macedonia. The broker came up last year and growing rapidly with its stable operation right now.

LMFX offers up to 1:1000 leverage and there are also luxurious bonus promotions like FBS.

Generally there is no leverage restrictions according to account balances, so you can use the highest leverage with any account balances with LMFX.

Its customer service may have got the highest quality among other brokers, and over the years, there is no negative reviews at all against this broker.

Are you looking for your broker? LMFX is recommended by us.

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3. XM – 1:888

xmtrading suppoer hours for public holidays

XM has been operating for about 7 years and its market is growing steadily and globally.

The highest leverage is 1:888.

XM also offers some bonus promotions though, these are not so gorgeous as FBS or LMFX’s.

The broker has got no major issues before and we are happy to recommend them for traders.

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General Leverage Conditions

Leverage always comes with conditions even if your broker mentions that they do not restrict leverage in any cases.

These above brokers may restrict maximum leverage if,

  • The account balance is too high
  • The trading volume is too large in total in the account
  • You prefer News time trading with the highest leverage

These are just some examples, and your broker will contact you if they will need to change the leverage limitation in order to manage risk exposures.

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