“Super Trader” Forex Social & Copy Trading Platform

October 18, 2016

Social & Copy Trading "Super Trader" provided by FXPro with 10 years of excellence.


FXPro SuperTrader is no longer available.

“Super Trader” Forex Social & Copy Trading Platform

FXPro, one of the largest Forex broker with over 10 years of excellence, is also very talented to offer Social &Copy Trading service.

“Super Trader” is a Social & Copy Trading Platform provided by European regulated FXPro.

What you can do with FXPro’s Super Trader?

With FXPro’s Super Trader, you can earn profits with “Signal Providers” of FXPro.

“Signal Providers” are individual professional traders online whom FXPro has accepted.

Only profitable traders who has passed extremely thorough due diligence can become the “Signal Providers” and that is why there are only very profitable signals provided through “Super Trader”.

By registering with FXPro, you can copy trades of these “Signal Providers” directly into your trading account.

You do not need to do anything else, but just choose some “Signals” and your account will start generating profits automatically.

Why FXPro’s Super Trader is better?

There are dozens of different “Social & Copy Trading Platform Providers” in the world though, many of them are really functional and making millions for investors.

But there are some points of Super Trader that superiors other “Social & Copy Trading Platform Providers”.

FXPro with 10 years of honest business

As one of the largest Forex broker in Europe, FXPro is well-trusted by many Forex traders all over the world. FXPro is also known as a Forex broker with no troubles.

Signal Providers are chosen by FXPro

Unlike other Social & Copy Trading Platform Providers, not all traders can register as Signal Providers. Only profitable traders with well-thought risk management can pass FXPro’s through due diligence and become Signal Providers. This will reduce the risk of losing investment for users.

Lower Required Minimum Deposit Amount

FXPro’s Super Trader only requires 2000 USD as the required minimum deposit. FXPro is also willing to top up your investment amount with bonus up to 5 times more. You deposit 2000 USD then you can earn invest with 1000 USD. Great credit line is offered.

Super Trader Conditions

Here are some of the main conditions of the service of “Super Trader”.

FXPro SuperTrader
Service Style Social & Copy Trading
Regulation/License CySEC/FCA
Signal Provider/Money Manager Online Traders of FXPro
Minimum Required Deposit 2,000 USD
Fees 5% Performance Fees
Trading on your own Possible

FxPro SuperTrader

123 USD for Free

300 USD for Free

30 USD for Free

35 USD for Free

30 USD for Free

25 USD for Free

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