Stock Index CFD Trading Schedules on Whit Monday on May 16th by XM

May 12, 2016

Forex & CFD Market Hours on Whit Monday.

Stock Index CFD Trading Schedules on Whit Monday on May 16th by XM

Please note that due to Whit Monday, the trading hours of some CFD instruments will be affected from May 16th to May 17th 2016.

The normal trading hours will be resumed from the day onwards.

Please refer to the table:

Financial Instrument 16/5/2016 17/5/2016
GER30 Closed Normal Trading Hours
GER30Cash Closed Normal Trading Hours
SWI20 Closed Normal Trading Hours
SWI20Cash Closed Normal Trading Hours
EU50 Closed Normal Trading Hours
EU50Cash Closed Normal Trading Hours

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