Stay informed with the set of Forex Analysis by JustForex!

January 9, 2018

JustForex offers the whole package for investors!

Stay informed with the set of Forex Analysis by JustForex!

Keep up with the Forex market trends.

Fundamental and technical analysis, forecasts for various financial instruments, economic calendar, interest rates, trading sessions and much more!

Currently, JustForex provides you with the following reports every day!

  1. Market Overview
    • Daily overview of the Forex market and key events, quotes and indices.
  2. Daily Forecast
    • Daily forecast and technical analysis for major currency pairs.
  3. Price Action
    • Follow the formation of patterns for currency pairs using the Price Action method.
  4. COT Reports Analysis
    • Weekly review and analysis of Commitments of Traders reports.
  5. Chart Patterns
    • Chart patterns and forecasts on the basic trading instruments.
  6. Cryptocurrency Market Analysis
    • Read the latest Cryptocurrency analysis. We deliver weekly cryptocurrency analysis that will help you in trading.

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