“Spread 0.0 pip proved” on LMFX STP MT4 – Check the “Real-Time” Tightest Spread in the Market

November 18, 2016

"Officially Tightest Spread 0 pip" by LMFX STP Forex Broker. Find out more!

“Spread 0.0 pip proved” on LMFX STP MT4 – Check the “Real-Time” Tightest Spread in the Market



Have you seen a spread of 0.0 pip before?

LMFX, an Online Forex & CFD broker in Macedonia, strives to offer 100% STP trading environment with the lowest cost in the industry.

LMFX is very good at offering:

  • Forex trading with one of the lowest cost
  • PAMM/MAM trading systems

The broker is regulated and based in Macedonia though, its trading condition is something we all need to see for once.

For traders, who are interested in trading with LMFX, we have captured the actual “real-time” spread of LMFX Zero Spread account in November, 2016.

Through the Zero Spread account, LMFX offers raw spread with only $8 per 1 lot of trading commissions.


Spread of LMFX Zero Account

As you can see, the average minimum spread of EURUSD is only 0.0 – 0.1 pip. And it is not just sometimes, but the spread is very stable around the lowest level.

With the trading commission of $8, that makes the actual trading cost to be from 0.8 pips, which is still one of the lowest level in the industry.

LMFX’s Zero Spread account is very suitable for Scalping traders.

Gorgeous Bonus Promotions

It is very rare that a Forex broker with this low of trading cost offers variety of bonuses, but LMFX does offer many.

Starting with the No Deposit Bonus and 100% Deposit Bonus, LMFX is also running Forex trading cost with cash prizes every month.

All bonus promotions are free to join, you wouldn’t miss them if you are planning to trade with LMFX.

The broker is founded in 2015 and relatively new though, they are also getting many positive feedback from users.

For more information of LMFX, please refer to the page below.


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