“Smart Stop Out” Partial Liquidation Option is now available with cTrader

November 21, 2016

cTrader's "Smart Stop Out" will save you from the complete loss.

“Smart Stop Out” Partial Liquidation Option is now available with cTrader

Spotware, the builder of ECN trading platform cTrader, has announced that new feature “Smart Stop Out” has been added to cTrader.

This “Smart Stop Out” will avoid whole liquidation of all existing open positions, as in the platform will close only some positions with bigger loss % in order to maintain all other positions.

This new feature is available from November 2016, and all cTrader users can benefit from this by updating the cTrader program to the newest one.

The “Smart Stop Out” option is added on the platform as below.



How “Smart Stop Out” works?

The Smart Stop Out logic in cTrader has been designed to provide maximum protection to trader’s accounts.

Basically, the “Smart Stop Out” will be triggered at the % you have set on the platform. It is a safety line to protect your positions and minimize the losses.

When it’s triggered, it will start closing positions with bigger losses one by one, until the margin level goes above the level you have set previously.

The partial liquidation will be processed instantly and automatically.

The logic of Smart Stop Out will only close what is absolutely necessary from the largest position in order to safely restore Margin Level and protect the position itself, the position entry point and the trading account for as long as possible.

Other than that, Spotware has also improved Design of cTrader.

Now the platform has a much improved color palette for the light theme, adjusted specifically for daytime operation while the dark theme will ideally suit darker environments.

A new clean design of both themes allows users to focus on content without distractions.

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