Signup online now & Get Free eBook for Education today

October 9, 2017

FXPrimus's eBook will help beginners to deeper their knowledge into financial markets.

Signup online now & Get Free eBook for Education today

FXPrimus is happy to announce the publication of eBook which traders can get for Free when thy sign up online.

Of course, signing up with FXPrimus online is also for Free. This is a great opportunity to earn the Free Educational Book!

The topics of the eBook is as follows:

  1. About the FX Market
    • What is the FX Market?
    • History of the FX Market
    • What is special about the FX Market?
    • FX Facts today
  2. How to Trade FX
    • About the currency pair
    • Currency abbreviations
    • Majors, minors, exotics
    • What is Leverage?
  3. Placing A Trade
    • Pipis, Ticks, & Spreads
    • Contract Size
    • Order Types
    • Slippage
    • How to place a trade
  4. Your Trading Strategy
    • Fundamental factors affecting FX trading
    • Technical factors affecting FX prices
    • How to make your trading strategy
    • Trading tools to complement your strategy
  5. Important of Safety
  6. Opening an Account

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