Several Facts of Free “FXProfitMaker 2.0” the Martingale MT4 Expert Adviser

April 24, 2017

"FXProfitMaker 2.0" for $1890? no no, Get it for Free!


We inform you, that NewForex broker was purchased by broker Forexmart, which has EU regulations. Thus all NewForex clients deposits will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Forexmart broker. To transfer your funds to Forexmart you need to: 1. Close all open positions by December 24, 2017. 2. Register an account with Forexmart and open a trading account in the same currency. (If you have a micro account, then open the micro, if standard, then open, please, the standard account. 3. To inform NewForex support, the number of the current trading account with NewForex broker and the number of the new trading account with Forexmart broker immediately after the closing of all trading positions. All of the data will be checked and your funds will be transferred to Forexmart account.

Several Facts of Free “FXProfitMaker 2.0” the Martingale MT4 Expert Adviser

NewForex is excited to offer all traders that from now on the real trading accounts owners in NewForex can use a well-known adviser FXProfitMaker 2.0 absolutely free of charge.

Although the EA is now offered for Free, what would be the merit of getting this for your Online Trading?

We like to introduce several facts about this EA today.

Martingale Trading Method

The adviser’s work is based on a “smart” Martingale’s principle and brings a real profit!

It is a perfect opportunity both for beginners and for the experienced traders.

“Martingale” strategy is known as the method which never stops until it makes profits. By multiplying the invested funds, the EA tries to secure the profit at the end of the series of investment.

What is the peculiarity of this adviser?

In its work it applies a special patented technique of risk decrease so it allows the adviser to trade more safely keeping high profitability and to show excellent trade results to your referrals on any deposits.

The trade with NewForex and FXProfitMaker becomes simpler, more pleasant and profitable!

How much is the EA?

NewForex offers the EA for Free, but the real cost of the adviser is $1890.

Of course, there are many buyers of this EA program. Considering the profits each investor can make in the future, $1890 is even a small investment.

But, this time the EA is absolutely Free! So you don’t even need to worry about it!

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