Server Time changes to GMT+3 as US Summer Time starts on March 11th

March 9, 2018

Server Time Changing to GMT+3.

Server Time changes to GMT+3 as US Summer Time starts on March 11th

On Sunday the 11th of March, Evolve Markets will move forward by one hour from GMT+2 to GMT+3 as the US will enter daylight savings.

Europe will follow on Sunday the 25th of March and Australia will exit daylight savings on Sunday the 1st of April.

While trading for most products will remain unaffected, there will be a change in the trading hours of some products on all the three weekends.

European CFDs will open one hour later relative to server time as of the 11th of March, but will resume their previous trading hours when Europe enters daylight savings on the 25th of March.

How Does This Change Affect you?

The server time will be adjusted from GMT+2 to GMT+3.

Trading hours for most currencies and commodity products will remain unaffected by the US daylight savings change.

However, you may notice that some products will open 1 hour earlier on Monday morning as not all regions will move forward by one hour with the US.

Please note that the change to GMT+ 3 may affect your EAs and you may need to adjust the time setting prior to the 11th of March.

Please feel free to contact the support team should you require further details or assistance.

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