See the actual “0.0 pip Spread” on Tradeview’s STP/ECN trading account!

November 28, 2016

NY Forex Broker Tradeview with ECN 0.0 Spread, is real!

See the actual “0.0 pip Spread” on Tradeview’s STP/ECN trading account!

Tradeview is relatively a new Forex broker regulated and licensed in Cayman Island. With its main office located in NY, the broker is looking to grow markets to all over the world from Manhattan.

Tradeview doesn’t offer much bonus promotions though, its main advantage is:

The STP trading environment with spread 0.0 pip

Tradeview offers very excellent trading conditions and service according to its official website, but what about its actual spread?

Tradeview offers the raw-spread in ILC(Innovative Liquidity Connector) and cTrader trading account, with $10 per 1 lot of trading commissions. 

The below spreads were captured in ILC account, in November 2016 during low volatility in the market prices


Spread of Tradeview Markets (ILC or cTrader)

As you can see, the raw-spread of Tradeview actually starts from 0.0 pips, and it is not sometimes but very often.

Considering the extra trading commission of $10, the average minimum trading spread cost of Tradeview is only 1 pip, which is still lower than many other STP Forex brokers.

In order to trade with the above trading cost, you need to open cTrader account($100 required) or ILC account($25,000 required). ILC account is a bit hard to acquire though, cTrader account should be a very reasonable choice for traders.

How is the “Spread of 0.0 pip” possible?

Some viewers may be wondering “how the 0.0 pip spread is possible? that must be fake numbers”. Well, it is actually possible, if the broker has made fine choice of its liquidity providers.

Tradeview has several liquidity providers connected to its MT4 and cTrader, and traders can benefit from raw-spread created by combining these pricings provided by the liquidity providers.

If two liquidity providers offer bid and ask price at the same price, then the raw-spread available should be 0.0 pip. Spread 0.0 pip is available with only a handful of Forex brokers in the world.

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