Do you know the Charting Patterns like Triangles, Wedges, Pennants & Flags?

June 26, 2017

Join HotForex today & Online Seminars!

Do you know the Charting Patterns like Triangles, Wedges, Pennants & Flags?

Join HotForex this week for the next three webinars in the ongoing educational series for traders both old and new!

First, see how the professionals approach their analysis with a LIVE demonstration by our expert Stuart Cowell.

Then, Stuart will be back on Wednesday to go into further depth on the most popular charting patterns, and finally on Thursday Kay will be here to discuss scalping strategies.

Even the most professional professionals can learn something by watching and listening to others. Stuart’s live analysis webinars are a great opportunity to learn by watching a LIVE session, complete with a Q&A at the end!

  • Live analysis of forex, commodity and stock markets
  • Analysis, trading and risk management
  • Finding trading setups for the coming days
HotForex Webinar  Live Analysis with Stuart Cowell
 Date & Time  Tuesday 27 June, 11 AM GMT

All traders know that movement in the market creates patterns in your charts.

But do you know the most popular patterns, their names and how to identify and use them?

Join Stuart on Wednesday to learn more and get the answers to all YOUR questions, live!

  • Triangles – Symmetrical, Ascending, Descending
  • Wedges – Rising & Falling
  • Pennants – Bullish & Bearish
  • Flags
HotForex Webinar  Charting Patterns: Triangles, Wedges, Pennants & Flags
 Date & Time  Wednesday 28 June, 11 AM GMT

Every trader trades differently, and there’s a trading style to suit every personality.

On Thursday Kay is going to discuss scalping, an intense intraday strategy that focuses on making many small trades over short time periods rather than holding bigger and longer positions.

Join him LIVE to learn more about:

  • Price action vs. mean reversion in scalping
  • Example of a powerful scalping strategy
  • How to manage risk
HotForex Webinar  Scalping Strategies Explained
 Date & Time  Thursday 29 June, 1 PM GMT

Missed out on the previous webinars?

Visit the HotForex webinar page for past webinars, watch this week’s sessions and do let them know if you have any questions or a topic you’d like them to cover.

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