SAB Miller and Orlen Stocks are available for trading with FXNet

July 1, 2016

Trade shares of SAB Miller and Orlen with FxNet online.

SAB Miller and Orlen Stocks are available for trading with FXNet

FXNet, CySEC regulated online Forex and CFD broker has announced that it has added two new Stock CFD instruments on the MT4 trading platform.

The added two new Stock CFDs are the shares of SAB Miller and Orlen. All the way from Poland and the UK, to their collection of more than 60 shares.

SAB Miller is a main industry leader in the beer and soft drink business. The company is listed on both the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges and has sold 331 million hectolitres of lager, soft drinks and other alcoholic beverages in the year ended 31 March 2016.

PKN Orlen is a holding group of companies which sell fuel from Poland.

The financial instruments which are offered through FXNet MT4 are Stock CFDs, but the actual stocks. Stock CFD is a Over-the-counter derivative product, and it has got even more merits for traders than the actual stock tradings.

Please find the contract specifications(trading conditions) of these two Stock CFDs below.

 MT4 Symbol Financial Instrument Stock Exchange Currency Base Minimal/Maximum lot size Lot Size Required Margin Commission % per deal
 SABMiller  SAB Miller  LSE  ZAR  0.01/10  10  1%  0%
 PKNORLEN  PKN Orlen  WSE  PLN  0.01/10  100  5%  0%

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