Review & Opinion on LMFX (Global Trade Partners Ltd)

April 16, 2016

Here we will review the service of LMFX.

Please note that the review written in this page is not for advertising objective nor officially authorized by any entities, but it is intended to help traders get to know about this broker better.

Who is LMFX?

LMFX official website photo

LMFX is an online Forex & CFD broker based in Macedonia.

It is a relatively new broker as it has started providing financial service since 2015.

Not so many reviews about this broker so far, but no bad reviews either.

Please note that LMFX is not yet regulated by any financial regulatory authorities, but we, Hercules introduce this broker as we find good faith in its honest operation and potential in LMFX.

Trading Environment?

LMFX offers normal number of financial instruments including Forex Currency Pairs, Precious Metals and CFDs.

Leverage is up to 1:1000 which is higher than most of brokers. The stop out level is set to 15%(or 20%) and NBP(Negative Balance Protection) is also provided.

The spread can be chosen from Variable and Fixed which starts from 0.4 pips(including commissions).

There is no restrictions on trading methods as LMFX is a STP broker.

The trading condition of LMFX is better than many brokers.

Bonus & Promotions?

The promotions of LMFX are really attractive for anyone.

As LMFX is a STP broker, the broker is really helpful for pushing up the traders to a successful level in trading.

Some main promotions are:

  • 100% Deposit Bonus(up to 5,000 USD, available for withdrawal by trading required lots)
  • 15% Phoenix Bonus(Re-Deposit Bonus, available for withdrawal at anytime)
  • Demo & Live Trading Contest(Trade risk free and earn real money)
  • PAMM Contest

LMFX provides simple but detailed Terms and Conditions for promotions.

If you have any questions, please go to livechat(Queelo system) to talk with one of the customer support of LMFX.

They are well-trained and would come back to you with a real answer but not procrastinate like other brokers.

Customer Service?

The service of LMFX is professional.

Well trained customer support, efficiently organized website and management system, and detailed legal documents and agreements show that LMFX is not just a mid-level broker.

Honestly, we have never seen a broker’s website with this much organized internal system and we are truly amazed.

LMFX is not yet regulated(in April 2016), but recommended broker for anyone.

Complains from traders?

As LMFX is still a relatively new broker, there is not much reviews by its users.

Yet still, we and our clients have been receiving good feelings from its customer support, and there is no bad reviews against LMFX so far.

The customer support of LMFX is at high level and you wouldn’t get bothered by poor support like some other brokers.

As your partner broker, LMFX is recommended.

Anything to be careful?

There is no trading method restrictions or irrational profit cancellation from LMFX, but still arbitrage trading is prohibited.

Other than that, nothing much to be aware of specifically.

LMFX has written everything in its Terms and Conditions and Contract Agreements, so please make sure that you have read and understand them before you start trading.

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