FBS “Lucky $77.7 for Free” No Deposit Bonus Promotion

Trade with FBS and luck will not be long in coming.


"FBS “Lucky $77.7 for Free" No Deposit Bonus Promotion" has ended. You may find the list of current Promotions of FBS in its dedicated introduction page. Find Out More

FBS “Lucky $77.7 for Free” No Deposit Bonus Promotion

Promotion Details

Available toBoth New and Existing Clients
OfferFree 77.7 USD
How to getVerify your Email Address and Phone Number
WithdrawalBoth Bonus and Profit are Withdrawable (Trading lots Required)

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FBS never cease to surprise us with their Bonus Promotions.

This time, FBS is giving away 77.7 USD to all traders, and it is withdrawable by trading required lots.

Verify your e-mail and phone number to get the bonus!

How to receive the “Lucky 77.7 USD”

  1. Open the “Lucky bonus $88.8” account. The bonus will be credited automatically as soon as you verify your e-mail and phone number
  2. To open a new account, just click on the “Plus” sign above the list of your accounts
  3. Take full advantage of the 8 days while the bonus is active – trade and earn!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Bonus amount is $77.7 The bonus is credited automatically after account opening, upon verification of the client’s phone number (via SMS or voice robot) and e-mail. The bonus is given only once; receiving the bonus twice or more is prohibited.
  2. The bonus is given for 8 calendar days. Once they pass, the bonus is deducted from the account, maximum profit is limited at $888.
  3. In case there are any open orders on the bonus account when the bonus duration (8 days) has come to an end, the following rules are applied:
    – if equity (account balance + floating profit – floating losses) is below 100$, the bonus is cancelled and all orders are closed automatically at the current prices;
    – if equity is between 100$ and 888$, the bonus is cancelled and the orders remain open;
    – if equity is above 888$ the bonus is cancelled, equity is decreased to 888$ and the orders remain open.
    Please, note that in case there is not enough margin to support all open positions after the equity is corrected, some of the orders might be closed automatically by the system.
  4. The minimum withdrawal amount from the account is $88.
  5. In order to make a withdrawal from the account, it is necessary to execute at least 8 trading orders lasting at least 8 minutes each with the total order volume of at least 8 lots. Traders can deposit additional funds to fulfill the above mentioned conditions.
  6. The maximum available leverage on the account is 1:888.
  7. If after 8 days the required number of orders and/or total volume are not reached, withdrawal from the account will be blocked until the conditions are fulfilled. The client can deposit their own funds to the account.
  8. Getting the bonus and/or trading on bonus funds on different bonus accounts from one IP-address and/or one computer/mobile device is prohibited.
  9. Using an anonymous proxy-server for trading on an account with the present bonus received is prohibited. In case more than 5 connections to the account from different IP-addresses belonging to different regions or countries are detected, the bonus may be cancelled, with the profit received in trading deducted.
  10. Locked positions, scalping, hedging, arbitrage and news trading are prohibited. The company reserves the right to cancel the bonus and profit received in trading, in case this rule is violated.
  11. Expert advisors use is allowed.
  12. Internal transfers to/from the bonus account are prohibited. Partner commission is not credited for trading on the bonus account. Bonus account cannot be insured.
  13. Any fraudulent schemes and operations are prohibited. The company reserves the right to block the account and deduct all profit received, in case fraud is suspected.
  14. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion and stop giving out bonus funds at any time. All bonus funds are owned by the company.
  15. Stop Out level on bonus account is 77% and Margin Call is 88%.
  16. Client should be able to receive a call from the company using the number, indicated during the registration procedure.

Please Contact FBS for further information.

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