“Real-Time Spread” of STP Forex Broker Traders Trust “7 years of Trustworthy Service”

November 28, 2016

European STP Forex Broker of 7 years. Let's see their real-time spread.

“Real-Time Spread” of STP Forex Broker Traders Trust “7 years of Trustworthy Service”

Traders Trust is an online Forex & CFD broker, regulated by over 10 European financial authorities. Its main advantage is the “STP trading environment”.

*Straight Through Processing

With Traders Trust, you are provided with the most fair Forex trading environment. No troubles reported against the service of Traders Trust proves the fine quality of this broker.

Traders Trust doesn’t offer any bonus promotions often, but its trust of STP execution is the only thing that attracts traders and that has made the broker running for 7 years.

Real-Time Spread of Traders Trust

Traders Trust offers floating spread from 1.2 pips. Spread from 1.2 pips isn’t one of the tightest, but still tighter than many STP Forex brokers.

Let’s see the actual spread of Traders Trust by opening their live account.

Traders Trust offers only one account type, and below spread is captured in November 2016 during normal trading hours with low volatility.


Forex Spread of Traders Trust

The column on the right side(!) shows the spread in “points”, so if the number of 10, then it means the spread if 1 pip.

As you can see, the average minimum spread of Traders Trust starts from 1.7 – 2.3 pips. (unfortunately we couldn’t see the spread 1.2 pips)

The spread around 1.7 pips is quite average or a bit higher among STP Forex brokers. It you like to convert the trading cost, it is $17 per 1 lot(100,000 units) of transactions.

The spread itself may not be so attractive to many Forex traders.

PAMM Solution with over 40% of Annual Profit

If you don’t find the service of Traders Trust as convenient but still like to benefit from their trustworthy service, then there is another investment solution provided for you.

Traders Trust offers also PAMM Portfolio Management service through another company, “TTCM Investment”.

“TTCM Investment” simply manages funds of its clients, and the clients can benefit from its profitable trading strategies.

Deposit your fund, choose your strategy and your account will start trading automatically and make profits.

You can find more information of TTCM Investment from the below page.

TTCM Investment

For more information of Traders Trust, please refer to the page below.

Traders Trust

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