Real-Time Forex Spread of IFC Markets “The Largest CFD Broker in Europe”

November 18, 2016

IFC Markets is the Top in CFD market, but what about Forex pairs?

Real-Time Forex Spread of IFC Markets “The Largest CFD Broker in Europe”


IFC Markets is an online CFD & Forex broker in Europe, providing retail trading service for over 10 years.

IFC Markets offers one of the largest numbers of CFDs through MT4 and NetTradeX, over 500 CFDs(Commodity, Metal, Energy, Stock, Bond and Index) are available for trading through one trading account.

For CFD traders, IFC Markets offers very fine trading service. But what about for Forex traders?

IFC Markets offers only Fixed spread through both trading platforms. In the official website, the broker mentions that the minimum fixed spread is 1.8 pips for Forex currency pairs.

And the below is the spread we have captured in November 2016, during normal trading hours.


Spread of IFC Markets MT4

IFC Markets offers the same spread for all account types and platforms, so the above spread should be used for all account types too.

As you can see the average minimum spread is 1.8 pips for a few Forex currency pairs, which is quite normal for Forex brokers with Fixed spread.

IFC Markets doesn’t offer any bonus promotions, so the above cost is inevitable for all traders.

Restricted Trading Activities by IFC Markets

IFC Markets runs its business with Dealing-Desk execution, and restricts certain trading methods on its platforms as follows:

  • Arbitrage
  • News Time Trading
  • Use of EAs(Expert Advisers) or any other trading programs

In case IFC Markers finds that you are involved in any fraudulent activities through the trading account, then the broker may take necessarily actions accordingly.

The above restrictions are very standard for Forex brokers with Dealing-Desk and Fixed spread.

IFC Markets may not be the best when it comes to Forex trading though, the number of CFDs are exceptional.

For more information of IFC Markets, you can find it from the below page.

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