Profit Easily with “Currency Movers Charts” of HotForex? See how convenient their tools are!

January 11, 2017

HotForex offers very nice trading tool for investors.

Profit Easily with “Currency Movers Charts” of HotForex? See how convenient their tools are!

Successful Forex Trading at it’s heart is SIMPLE. Not easy but it can be simple.

If you have a STRONG currency and a WEAK currency = SIMPLE .

That’s what our Traders Board is all about – Take a look here.

Today we have a STRONG AUD & NZD and a weak GBP.

HotForex offers variety of free trading tools for traders.

Today, we like to introduce one of their best trading tools available for Free.

“Currency Movers Charts”

“Currency Movers Charts” shows the current intraday percentage change of currencies against other major currencies since the last daily close at 23:59:59 server time.

The data gets updated every minute. You can see the updated charts by updating the page.

How to utilize the “Currency Movers Charts”

Let’s see the example of “USD”.

The below chart shows that USD is +0.6% against most of the major currencies. But against AUD and NZD, USD isn’t so strong.

This shows that USD is bullish(uptrend) today within 24 hours, and if you see the price chart of EUR/USD, then the market price should be down.(because the USD price is rising against EUR).

The chart is very useful when you refer them all together.

Let’s refer to the charts of EUR and USD.

As you can see, AUD is uptrend against all other currencies, and EUR is contrary.

Now that it is very easy to expect that AUD is rising trend, and EUR is otherwise.

It may have been difficult to find a fine and simple trading tool for investment, but there is one offered by HotForex.

Sign up with HotForex, and start taking advantage of the trading tool now!

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