Precious Metal & Energy CFD Contract Expiration Date on Fidelis CM MT4

March 24, 2017

Please note the upcoming Contract Expiration Dates.


Please note that we no longer promote Fidelis CM, thus the information regarding to the broker on this website maybe outdated.

Precious Metal & Energy CFD Contract Expiration Date on Fidelis CM MT4

Please note that from 27th to 30th of March, there will be several CFDs(Energies and Precious Metals) expiring existing contracts.

Please find the below table for the details.

Expiring Contract Existing Active Contract Upcoming New Contract
 NGAS.APR17 – 28th Mar 2017 NGAS.MAY17;NGAS.JUN17 NGAS.JUL17
 COPP.APR17 – 30th Mar 2017 COPP.MAT17 COPP.JUN17
 GOLD.APR17 – 30th Mar 2017 GOLD.JUN17 GOLD.AUG17
 PLAT.APR17 – 30th Mar 2017 PLAT.JUL17 PLAT.OCT17
 NGAS – 27th Mar 2017 NGAS(Apr) NGAS(May)
 UKOIL – 29th Mar 2017 UKOIL(May) UKOIL(Jun)

At the each CFD contract expiration date, all open positions will be closed at the last available market price automatically.

All pending positions will be also cancelled and no positions will be rolled over the the next contract.

In case you are not trading the above specified symbols on Fidelis CM MT4, then it won’t affect your tradings.

For more information or inquiries, please contact Fidelis CM support team.

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