“Post-Italian General Election” 9 things you should know about the results

March 8, 2018

Italian Elections: As the dust starts to settle down

“Post-Italian General Election” 9 things you should know about the results

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  1. As vote counting ended, it is confirmed that no party or current coalition gets enough seats on its own to govern.
  2. Current results give the center-right coalition 265 seats, the 5 Star Movement 227 seats, the center left coalition 122 seats, the Free and equal Party 14 seats and other political parties 2 seats. The results seem to apply similarly to the Senate.
  3. Given the pre-election statements made by every party, the possibility of new coalitions should be excluded, however after the elections it seems that a different song is sung.
  4. It seems to be the case that the Five Star Movement could be interested in a coalition with the Center Left.
  5. In any case it seems difficult for any government to be formed without the Five Star Movement, given the bitter rivalry of the center right coalition with the center left coalition.
  6. Extensive, lengthy negotiations are expected, with the possibility of new elections looming over the Italian political stage and prolonging uncertainty.
  7. The Italian President Matarella, is not expected to nominate any coalition which cannot show that has support to rule over the lower house as well as the senate.
  8. Currently both Salvini of the Northern League which is expected to lead the center right coalition and di Maio current leader of the 5 Star Movement have requested the nomination.
  9. The next political date is to be the 23rd of March were the main speakers in parliament will be voted, and the vote could be indicative of the possible alliances which will start to form.

Original Source: IronFX News

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