Smooth online payment system. Mastercard is also available!


STICPAY provides “Online Payment” service.
*The company is based in NZ and registered to NZ FSP(Financial Service Provider).

With STICPAY, you can do the following activities:

  1. Transfer funds to other STICPAY users instantly, anywhere in the world
    • All you need to know is recipient’s email address.
  2. Make payments to Online Stores(online shopping).
  3. Use Mastercard for shopping anywhere in the world.
    • Just like a normal Mastercard, it is accepted by over 200 countries worldwide.

STICPAY is also accepted by several Online FX Brokers like Tradeview, MyFX Markets and Land-FX.

How to start using STICPAY service

  1. Open a STIC Account
    • Online registration takes just a few minutes to create a STICPAY wallet. Submit also documents to verify and make your account fully functional.
  2. Make a Deposit
    • Fund(charge) your STICPAY account, so you can start using it!
  3. Transfer to anywhere
    • Online shopping, Use it via Mastercard or Transfer money to anyone in the world.

Fees for using STICPAY

Here are some main fees/commissions users need to pay.

 Transfer to other STICPAY users  1% (cap $35)
 STICPAY to Merchant  2.5% + $0.3
 VISA/Mastercard to STICPAY  3.85%
 Bank Transfer to STICPAY  5%
 STICPAY Mastercard
 ATM Cash Withdrawal  Minimum 4 USD or 1%
 Handling Fee of overseas Purchase  Free
 Load Handling Fee  1.3%
*STICPAY service is not available for residents in Iran, Iraq and North Korea.
*You cannot use STICPAY system while you are in Burma(Myanmar), Cote d’lvoire(Ivory Coast), Congo, Democratic Republic of the Cuba, Eritrea, Guinea, Republic of Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Zimbabwe.

Service Details

Service Details
Founded in2010 (8 years)
USA clients Not Accepted
JPN clients Accepted
Country BaseNew Zealand
Headquaters Unit 125, Plaza Level 41 Shortland Street Auckland New Zealand

Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits & Withdrawals
Base Currency Options
Available Crypto-CurrenciesN/A
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods

Support desk

Support desk
Phone Support Not Available
Live Chat Not Available
Callback Available
Japanese Support Not Available

123 USD for Free

300 USD for Free

30 USD for Free

35 USD for Free

30 USD for Free

25 USD for Free

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