Ontology(ONT tokens) to be airdropped to NEO holders

February 12, 2018

NEO council won't waste the donation from Ontology!

Ontology(ONT tokens) to be airdropped to NEO holders

A great news from NEO council.

Ontology project is handing over an amount of ONT tokens to NEO council, and the council is willing to give them away to NEP currency holders.

Ontology is a next-generation multi-chained public chain infrastructure platform initiated by Onchain, a leading blockchain technology company in China. It is also a common platform that supports a decentralized trust ecosystem.

Airdrop of ONT coins will be made with the following conditions:

  1. The airdrop will consist of 20 million ONT.
  2. Through this promotion, each NEO will get 0.2 ONT.*
  3. The amount of NEO of each holders will be decided by the snapshot of NEO addresses which will be done at block height 1974823.**
  4. ONT will be given away on March 1 (0.1 ONT per NEO).
  5. The other locked half (0.1 ONT per NEO) will be using the same snapshot, but will instead be airdropped on the Ontology MainNet.

*50% of which are freely tradable and the other 50% are automatically locked.

**The snapshot is estimated to be at March 1st, 2018, around 5:00 am (Pacific Time).

***Ontology MainNet is expected to be released in Q2, 2018.

For more information, please contact NEO council or Ontology project directly.

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