Online FX Seminar “Blockchain and Trading Cryptos” and more by HotForex!

November 20, 2017

Hone your FX skills in just three hours.

Online FX Seminar “Blockchain and Trading Cryptos” and more by HotForex!

Don’t miss out on their latest webinars!

These are three great opportunities to learn from the experts and get all your questions answered, LIVE, so you could have a whole new trading style by the end of the week!

Coming up this week…

  • Learn to analyse like an expert…
  • Discipline your mind and emotions…
  • Further your understanding of cryptos!

The markets are always changing, and you need to change with them.

Join Stuart to see his professional approach to analysis of the markets, get all the latest news, and discover new methods for finding trading setups!

HotForex Webinar  Live Analysis with Stuart Cowell
 Date & Time  Tuesday, 21 November 11 AM GMT

There are a lot of emotions involved in trading, whether it’s the thrill of a win, the frustration of a loss or the anticipation of what the markets might do next.

Attend this webinar to learn the essential skill of mental and emotional discipline!

HotForex Webinar  The Mind Games of Trading
 Date & Time  Wednesday, 22 November 11 AM GMT

Cryptocurrencies are changing the financial industry, and this is your chance to join a live webinar and find out all about the different cryptos and their latest impacts.

Kay will explain why these new digital currencies are perfect for CFD trading, and more!

HotForex Webinar  Blockchain and Trading Cryptos: The future is here
 Date & Time  Thursday, 23 November 12 PM GMT

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