“NSFX World” the Official Blog by NSFX to be launched! -the ECN Forex Broker in Malta-

January 7, 2017

NSFX has started its official blog to help traders!

“NSFX World” the Official Blog by NSFX to be launched! -the ECN Forex Broker in Malta-

NSFX Limited, an online Forex & CFD brokerage firm based in Malta, has launched its official blog “NSFX World”!

Their official blog will keep you updated with the latest market news and many other contents.

NSFX Limited believes that NSFX World will perform as a dynamic website where trader, as well as partner, is in direct contact with the world of NSFX.

The official blog will allow NSFX to show and interact with the traders and partners in a direct and fun way.

The contents of the blog includes the followings.

Market News – Trading news, Company News, Academy News and etc.
Knowledge Base – FAQ & Glossary to learn “Investment” in general.
Promotions – Trader Promotions, Partner Promotions including competitions.
Trading Tools – Fundamental and Technical daily Analysis to make your trading profitable.
Fun Corner – With Jokes, Quizzes, Quotes, Polls and much more.
Partners – Short overview of our partner program. (Introducing Brokers)
Press – The press room of NSFX.
Community – The company forum where real discussions are taking place. You can join them for Free!

“NSFX World is a dynamic website, where NSFX professionals will continue to contribute materials and interactions on a daily basis.”

by Michal Kahn, NSFX Social Marketing Manager.

Who is NSFX?

NSFX is an online Forex & CFD brokerage firm based in Malta.

The broker strives to offer complete STP/ECN trading environment, and guarantees that there is no interference to investors’ trades nor manipulation to market prices.

The “fair” and “fast” trading environment, that’s NSFX is offering.

With NSFX, you can access and trade over 60 financial instruments including FX, Equity Index, Commodity, Metal and Energy on MetaTrader4 or NSFX Pro trader.

Find out more information of NSFX from the page here!

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