NSFX Official Promotion! 0.2 pip Cash Back for every lot on MT4 only until October 1st!

August 30, 2017

NSFX is ready to reward you with unlimited amount of 0.2 pip cash back this September.


We inform you, that NewForex broker was purchased by broker Forexmart, which has EU regulations. Thus all NewForex clients deposits will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Forexmart broker. To transfer your funds to Forexmart you need to: 1. Close all open positions by December 24, 2017. 2. Register an account with Forexmart and open a trading account in the same currency. (If you have a micro account, then open the micro, if standard, then open, please, the standard account. 3. To inform NewForex support, the number of the current trading account with NewForex broker and the number of the new trading account with Forexmart broker immediately after the closing of all trading positions. All of the data will be checked and your funds will be transferred to Forexmart account.

NSFX Official Promotion! 0.2 pip Cash Back for every lot on MT4 only until October 1st!

NSFX is happy to announce a new Promotion for traders!

This time, the broker is ready to offer “0.2 pip Cash Back” for all new traders.

It is the exclusive promotion offered only for traders who open accounts through this page. (by using the below link)

Signup for Cash Back Bonus

The promotion is valid from September 1st to October 1st.

You can receive 0.2 pip Cash Back with any types of accounts.

How to receive Cash Back?

There is no complicated process or additional request you need to make.

In order to confirm your participation to this promotion, you just need to go to the page here, then fill in the required fields below.

0.2 pip cash back registration page

Then, the other steps are as normal as standard accounts.

  1. Complete Verification
  2. Make a Deposit
  3. Login to MT4 & Trade

It is a great opportunity to earn extra profit by trading with NSFX!

Signup today for the exclusive Cash Back offer!

Signup for Cash Back Bonus

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