NSFX finally releases “Mobile Trading Platform” for iOS and Android devices

January 7, 2017

Trade at anytime and anywhere with NSFX. Mobile Application is now available!


We inform you, that NewForex broker was purchased by broker Forexmart, which has EU regulations. Thus all NewForex clients deposits will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Forexmart broker. To transfer your funds to Forexmart you need to: 1. Close all open positions by December 24, 2017. 2. Register an account with Forexmart and open a trading account in the same currency. (If you have a micro account, then open the micro, if standard, then open, please, the standard account. 3. To inform NewForex support, the number of the current trading account with NewForex broker and the number of the new trading account with Forexmart broker immediately after the closing of all trading positions. All of the data will be checked and your funds will be transferred to Forexmart account.

NSFX finally releases “Mobile Trading Platform” for iOS and Android devices

NSFX, an Online FX & CFD brokerage firm in Malta with STP/ECN execution, has announced the launch of “NSTrader Mobile application”

The broker offers both “MetaTrader4” and “NSFX Pro” and both trading platforms are now available on mobile devices.

The advanced trading platform “NSFX Pro Trader” is directly developed by NSFX, achieving to integrate ECN technology into it to provide the “fair” and “fast” trading environment to traders.

Now, you can login, trade and manage accounts at anytime and anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to internet connection.

So what you can do with this mobile trading platform?

  • Trade Anytime, Anyplace and Anywhere
  • Sync with Desktop platform in Real time
  • Place trades, monitor account and view charts using mobile devices

Go to Appstore or Playstore, and search for it. You can download the mobile application for Free.

“The NSTrader Mobile app is an integration of all that NSTrader has to offer, on-the-go.”

by Daniel Gray, NSFX Sales Manager.

For more information and usage of the mobile platform, please contact NSFX’s 24/5 support desk.

50 USD for Free

3500 USD for Free

123 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

30 USD for Free

25 USD for Free

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