Notification of “German Holiday” and the start of “AU Summer Time”

September 30, 2016

Trading hours to be changed from the start of October.

Notification of “German Holiday” and the start of “AU Summer Time”

Please note that there will be changes to the “Trading Schedules” of some Financial Instruments.

German Unity Day

October 3rd in 2016, is German National Public Holiday “German Unity Day” and Frankfurt Stock Exchange Market will be closed for the day.

As TitanFX offers “GER30” CFD which original Index is traded in the market, the symbol will be unavailable for trading on October 3rd.

There will be no impact on other symbols on TitanFX MT4, and the trading schedule of GER30 will be back to normal onwards.

Australian Summer Time

The time in Australia will be moved forward 1 hour as “Australian Summer Time” begins on October 1st.

MetaTrader4’s time-set doesn’t change though, the trading hours of Australian Stocks and Indices will be changes accordingly.

TitanFX offers only one Australian Stock Index, which is  “AUD200” and its available trading hours will be from 01:50 – 08:30 and 09:10 – 22:59.

There is no impact on other financial instruments on TitanFX’s MetaTrader4 due to AU Summer Time.

For further information regarding to the changes above, please contact TitanFX support team.

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