“NGAS Contract” to expire on MT4 on 26th of January

January 24, 2017

Please be aware of upcoming CFD contract expiration.


Please note that we no longer promote Fidelis CM, thus the information regarding to the broker on this website maybe outdated.

“NGAS Contract” to expire on MT4 on 26th of January

Please note that Natural Gas CFD contract will be expiring on 26th of January.

The symbol on Fidelis CM MT4 is “NGAS”.

Please find the details of the CFD contract in the below table.

Expiring Contract – Expiry Date Existing Active Contract Upcoming New Contract
 NGAS – 26th Jan 2017 NGAS (Feb) NGAS (Mar)

On Fidelis CM MT4, no CFD positions will be carried over to the next contract after each contract expiration. Thus, all open positions will be closed at the same time of contract expiration.

All pending positions on the relevant positions will be also cancelled.

If you wish to continue trading the Natural Gas CFD, you may continue after the contract expiration date on January 26th.


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