Newest “Social & Copy Trading Platform Provider” Tradeo

October 26, 2016

Trade, Chat and Copy. Enjoy trading Forex with Tradeo.


Please note that the information of Tradeo on the website maybe outdated.

Newest “Social & Copy Trading Platform Provider” Tradeo

Tradeo is an Online Forex and CFD broker, and at the same time the company is also an Innovative Copy Trading Platform Provider.

With standard Forex brokers, you can only do “Trade by yourself”. To earn profits or lose, it all depends on your trading decisions.

But with Tradeo, you can do the following things.

Trade by Yourself

Chat with other Traders

Copy trades of other trade if you like

The above services are absolutely free of charge with Tradeo. Tradeo is where traders meet and earn profits together.

Trading is “Fun” with Tradeo

tradeo trade chat copy forex cfd social trading

There are millions of Forex traders in the world. Some are struggling and some are making profits for living.

But where are they?

With Tradeo, you can talk to any one of them through its trading platform at anytime.

There are countless numbers of traders registered with Tradeo, and they are all part of the one big community.

You can find another trader in the same country of yours, and share your thoughts and copy trades each other.

You do not need to trade by yourself alone anymore.

Free Service & Copy free

tradeo social copy trading traders signals no deposit bonus promotion

The service of Tradeo is absolutely free.

All you need to pay is the fixed spread commission, the price difference between bid and ask prices.

It is Free to talk to other traders, use their trading platform and copy other traders’ trades.

There is a number of Social and Copy Trading Platform Providers though, many of them have high deposit requirement and extra fees to use their service.

Tradeo only requires you 250 USD as the minimum deposit amount. You can also start trading for Free and “Risk Free” by receiving Tradeo’s No Deposit Bonuses.

Why not receive their “No Deposit Bonus” for free and start copying profitable trades of other investors? There is nothing you can lose by doing this.

Simply Better Trading Conditions

tradeo cysec financial license broker social trading

Tradeo, as a Forex Broker also offers great trading environment for its clients.

Here are some advantages of using the service of Tradeo.

High Leverage up to 1:300

Spread is Fixed which starts from 2.5 pips

100% STP Execution with no restrictions on the platform

Over 100 Forex and CFD tradable instruments through one account

Even if you are not looking to copy other investor’s trades, Tradeo works great just as a Forex Broker.

Find more details of Tradeo “Innovative Forex & CFD Broker with Social & Copy Trading Platform”.


123 USD for Free

50 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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