New Version MetaTrader4 build 1065 to be released! with improved functions!

March 24, 2017

Please update your MT4 platform for more comfortable trading experience.

New Version MetaTrader4 build 1065 to be released! with improved functions!

NewForex like to inform traders that MetaTrader4 Trading Platform has been updated to the new version “Build 1065” on March 22nd, 2017.

In general, timely updating will help to avoid failures in the work of trading advisers and in particular to avoid mistakes, which can appear during the time frame’s restart.

NewForex’s MT4 will be updated further for more comfortable trade experience!

How to get the New Version of MT4

Normally your MT4 should be version-upped automatically through the periodical system update.

Otherwise, you may close the trading platform once and re-open it by “run as administrator”, then the platform will be updated accordingly.

If your device doesn’t let you run the program “as administrator” and having trouble updating the MT4 version to the latest one, then you may re-install the platform again from NewForex’s Official Website.

By installing the MT4 from the original source, you will always get the newest version of the program.

How to check the version of your MT4

If you like to know what version of MT4 platform you are using, then you can check it directly on the platform.

First, go to “Help” and “About” on the platform as below.

Then, you will see the current version and build and the latest date the platform has been updated accordingly.

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