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September 8, 2016

The world of Forex is a modern battlefield where each trader has a different approach and each investor has different expectations of how the fight for the profit should be led.

In this article, I would like to focus on the fearless warriors who are willing to accept the higher probability of (bigger) losses and take unlimited profits in exchange for that.

If you want to try new things on the market and enjoy the potential of the very earliest stages of challenging strategies, this solution is ready-made for you.

Higher Profits/Losses & Good RRR

Strategies in this category have one thing in common. They offer you the possibility of high and practically unlimited profits each day they are running. But hand in hand with the high profits, sometimes there is even a bigger loss coming. That’s what an investor must be aware of before they invest in this kind of strategy.

We put a lot of energy into finding strategies with good risk/reward ratio (RRR is the ratio of potential profits to potential losses). Such strategies should be able to recover from potential losses fairly quickly. Alternatively, an investor can switch to another strategy to cover the loss and aim for high returns again.

The Best we can

To be sure that we offer only the best we can, the Challenge strategies undergo the same evaluation process as the Investment strategies (50+ questions about the strategy and the trader, call or personal meeting, uniqueness of trading, testing and monitoring).

The Difference – Ear;y Stage means Potential

The main difference comes from the essence of these strategies. They react to a concrete trend on the market that can change very quickly. In the field of (risky) trading, generally the newer strategy is, the better it performs. We made the evaluation process much faster which allows us to publish and bring the strategies to you in the earliest stage of their life.

What does it involve? We accept trading history from real and demo accounts (but of course demo results are not included in the published history of the strategy) and the testing period on our conditions is also shorter (could be only 2 weeks).

Low Deposits Starting from 500 USD

By trying a new strategy on the market that has high potential of unlimited profits, you are risking a loss of all your deposits since the CapitalGuard isn’t used with the Challenge strategies.
As you may want to try these strategies out with a risk limited to certain amount of your funds, we decided to lower the minimum deposit to 500 USD.

Welcome and enjoy the new “Challenge strategies” category of the MultiTrader!

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