New MT4 web is launched with the full set of Bill Williams’ indicators

February 15, 2016

MetaQuotes, the developer of the MT4 trading platform, has announced the new update of MetaTrader 4 Web Platform.

Full set of Bill Williams’ indicators

Now the MetaTrader 4 Web platform features the full set of Bill Williams’ indicators including Alligator, Fractals, Market Facilitation Index, Awesome Oscillator, Accelerator Oscillator and Gator Oscillator.

These six indicators for technical analysis are now available on the web platform.

Bill Williams

Chart acceleration

MetaQuotes has enhanced the performance of charts with modern Web-GL technology.

This improves the web platform performance for when you run multiple indicators simultaneously.(The number of indicators does not cause a delay.)

Added 3 languages

MT4 web is now available in three more languages which are Hindi, Ukrainian and Uzbek.

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