New! MQL5 Community Live Chat and direct SSL certificates Transfer to Mobile MT5

August 7, 2016

MetaQuotes has updated the MetaTrader5 and now the company has added built-in chat system, direct transfer of SSL certificates from PC to Android and new more languages.

The new MT5 Android version is “build 1338”. You may update it directly in your device or by reinstalling it from Google Play.

Live chat with other MT5 traders

This build-in chat is simply a system for “MQL5 Community members” to chat with other traders online. It is free to use and you can start chatting right now without installing another applications.

Now you can send a message to other traders to trouble-shooting, listen to their market sentiment and any other stuffs!

To use this “built-in” chat system in MT5 Android, install the MT5 and create your own ID as a MQL5 Community member.

MetaTrader 5 for Android build 1338 builtin chat, convenient transfer of security certificates, and new languages

This function is also added to “” website and the desktop version of the MetaTrader 5 platform.

All MT5 users, talk to each other and expand your knowledge.

Transferring SSL certificates from PC to Mobile

Have you ever gotten frustrated to SSL Certificate transferring issue between different devices?

We are glad to announce that now you can directly transfer a SSL Certificate from MT5 PC version to Android version.

To transfer a certificate, please open the MetaTrader 5 desktop platform(Windows or MAC), and select the transfer option from the account context menu in the Navigator window as follows.

MetaTrader 5 for Android build 1338  built in chat, convenient transfer of security certificates, and new languages

Then specify the master password of the account in the new window and set the new password consisting of 8 digits to protect the certificate.

Lastly, please launch the newest version of MT5 Android and connect to your account.

You will be immediately prompted to import the certificate and to enter the numeric password that you have previously specified in the desktop MT5 platform.

Added New Languages

MT5 had 22 different languages available already though, this is a good News for Dutch and Farsi speakers.

MetaQuotes’s MT5 is now available in 24 different languages in total with newly added two languages, Dutch and Farsi.

All of these above features are available by updating your MT5 in your Android devices. If it has not been updated automatically, please go to “Google Play” and get the new one now!

metatraderr5 trading platform update download install

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