New AU Forex Broker “EightCap” with 0.0 pip: See the Real-Time Spread

November 24, 2016

Real-Time Spread - STP Forex Broker with 0.0 pip Spread.

New AU Forex Broker “EightCap” with 0.0 pip: See the Real-Time Spread

EightCap is an Australian Forex & CFD Broker, licensed by ASIC. The broker strives to offer 100% STP trading environment with no restrictions.

Because of EightCap’s excellent selection of liquidity providers, traders can benefit from “Raw Spread 0.0 pip” through MT4 trading platform.

The EightCap’s official website states, the Raw Spread account’s spread starts from 0.0 pip with only $7 per 1 lot trading commissions.

But is it the actual trading condition provided by EightCap?

Let’s see the real-time spread of EightCap’s raw spread account on MT4. The below spread was captured in November 2016, during normal trading hours.


Spread of EightCap’s Raw Spread Account

As EUR/USD pair is the most liquidated pair, the spread is also tighter than others. You can see that there are many moments that the spread of EUR/USD is kept 0.0 pip.

The average minimum trading cost is around 0.7 – 0.9 pips including extra trading commissions. It is certainly lower than many other Forex brokers.

EightCap as a STP Forex broker, offers Forex trading solution with one of the lowest trading cost in the world.

How spread 0.0 pip is possible?


Some people might wonder, how is the “spread 0.0 pip” possible in a Forex currency pair? Because if the raw spread is 0, then how EightCap’s liquidity provider is making profits by that?

Well, actually EightCap has not one, but several liquidity providers connected to their MT4.

This will make the “spread 0.0 pip” possible. In case of EightCap, there is a liquidity provider offering a bid price at a price, and another liquidity provider offering ask price at the same price.

Thanks to the fine selection of liquidity providers made by EightCap, the broker is capable of offering spread 0.0 pip with the combination.

Most Fair & Lowest Cost

As already mentioned above already, EightCap offers STP(Straight Through Processing) trading execution to traders.

Thus the broker guarantees that there is:

  • No manipulation in the market prices
  • No interference to clients’ orders
  • No conflict of interest between clients and EightCap
  • No trading restrictions

The above trading condition with the lowest cost of only 0.7 pips.

It may be difficult to find another broker with the same or better trading conditions.


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