MT5 Web-Version with “Depth of Market” is finally released

July 8, 2016

"Market Depth" tool is added to MetaTrader5 Web Version.

MT5 Web-Version with “Depth of Market” is finally released

MetaQuotes Software Corp, the developer of the MetaTraders has announced the release of the web version of the multi-asset MetaTrader 5 platform. It allows trading Forex and exchanges from any browser and operating system, and “Market Depth” option is added to the default version.

MetaQuotes added:

MetaTrader 5 web version has been designed based on numerous requests from traders and brokers. The application combines the key advantages of the desktop platform (high speed, support for multiple markets and expanded trading functions) with the convenience of the cross-platform nature of the web terminal. The web platform allows traders to perform technical analysis and trading operations just like in the desktop version. Only Internet connection is necessary, no software installation is required.

The MT5 Web features netting and hedging systems, 31 technical indicators, 23 analytical objects, one-click-trading and the entire set of trading orders. Also the program interface has been translated into 41 languages making it a truly international platform for web traders around the world.

The key feature of this MT5 web version is the depth of market, which was not present in the beta version. It allows setting market and pending orders to buy and sell stocks, currencies, futures and CFDs in a single click.

The CEO of MetaQuotes Software Corp, Renat Fatkhullin has added:

“We currently see the explosive growth in the popularity of desktop MetaTrader 5 with support for hedging, we expect the web version of the product to spark similar excitement, since it is an excellent opportunity for traders to try the most advanced platform on the market by simply opening a new browser tab.”

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