MT5 New Version is on Live with new features on April, 2017!

April 1, 2017

110 MT5 FX brokers in the world now!

MT5 New Version is on Live with new features on April, 2017!

MetaQuotes, the developer of MT5, is happy to announce the new updates on the platform for iPhone and iPad version.

The main update is:

Trading History to present in the form of positions

Previously, the History tab contained only orders and deals. Now, it features positions as well.

The trading platform collects data on deals related to a position and then combines the data into one record.

The new version includes several more improvements and fixes.

  1. Position opening and closing time determined by the first and last trades.
  2. Position volume. (if the position was closed partially, the record contains the closed and initial volumes.)
  3. The weighted average open and close prices of the position.
  4. The total financial result of deals related to the position.

Now you can get the latest version of MT5 platform from the AppStore! Get the new one more improved platform!

There are now 110 MT5 brokers in the world.

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MT5 FX Brokers

Having trouble downloading MT4?

Although the MetaTrader5 trading platform came with much improved platform options and limitations, there are many more MT4 brokers in the world.

And now, MetaQuotes has been working on MT5 platform mainly, and the company doesn’t let traders to download MT4 platform from its Official Websites.

All installation links for MT4 has been replaced for MT5 platforms.

In order to get a MT4 platform, you will need to find a MT4 broker and download the platform directly from their official website.

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