MT5 Android Updates: Multi-Window Mode & Sorting Feature on History Tab

January 19, 2017

New MetaTrader 5 Android build 1506 is released. Now trade filtering and sorting are available.

MT5 Android Updates: Multi-Window Mode & Sorting Feature on History Tab

MetaQuotes has just updated “MetaTrader5” for Android devices.

Now you can sort to arrange all trades as you want in both “Trade” and “History” tab. You can sort by symbols (financial instruments), orders and open/close time.

You can also filter trades by symbols with one touch.

Another update is the optimization on Multi-Window mode. Now the menu allows you to open new windows, delete old ones, as well as re-arrange them and select a desired layout (vertical, horizontal or tile).

The new version is available on “GooglePlay”, as well as update is available through it.

MetaQuotes, the developer of MT4 and MT5, is now focusing on updating “MetaTrader5”.

MT5 trading platform surpasses the ability of MT4 in every way. Both platforms may seem the same visually, but you can experience even better trading service through MT5.

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