MT4/MT5 Margin increased due to Japanese General Election on October 22nd

October 16, 2017

XM's Important Notification regarding to "Japanese General Election".

MT4/MT5 Margin increased due to Japanese General Election on October 22nd

Please note that due to Japanese General Election on Sunday October 22nd, XM is going to increase margin on several financial instruments from this Friday.

In light of the election, and in order to protect the clients and XM company from the anticipated market turbulence during the election, XM will implement the following temporary measure:

 Date & Time  From 20:00 p.m. server time (GMT+3) on Friday, 20th October 2017
 Margin Increased to 1%(100:1 leverage)  all JPY currency pairs, GOLD and SILVER
 Margin Increased to 2%(50:1 leverage)  JP225 and JP225Cash

The above trading conditions are only temporary and all temporary measures will be waived completely by Monday 23rd of October 2017, which is shortly after the announcement of the results of the Japanese General Election.

What traders need to be aware of?

While noting for the temporary measure above, traders are also alerted for possible extreme market volatility, thin market liquidity, abnormal spreads and price gaps in many currency, commodity and stock markets globally.

If you intend to keep open positions during the upcoming Japanese General Election should make sure that their trading accounts are sufficiently funded to avoid any disturbances from possible margin calls and/or stop-outs in their trading activity.

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