MT4 older than 1065 will stop functioning from October 1st

September 7, 2017

Please make sure that you have the updated version of MT4 before October.

MT4 older than 1065 will stop functioning from October 1st

Please note that Older Version of MT4 won’t be working from October 1st, 2017.

The MT4 version which will be unsupported from Oct 1st is, “Build 1065”.

Any older versions than “Build 1065” will be no longer supported by MetaQuotes and will be nonfunctional.

In case your MT4 trading platform isn’t updated yet, you may proceed to update it to the newest version in order to avoid and disruptions of your trading.

To perform the update, simply log in to your MetaTrader platform and accept the update request when prompted.

If you like to check which version you are using, log in to your HotForex MT4 Client terminal and visit “Help”→”About” to view the current version.

MetaTrader4 Version & Build Check

In case your MT4 doesn’t update itself automatically or even prompt to do so, you may right-click the MT4 icon on desktop then select “run as administrator”.

For any questions regarding to HotForex MT4 and its update, please contact HotForex support team.

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