MT4 Margin to be increased for French Presidential Election on May 7th

May 3, 2017

French Election Margin Changes by Royal Financial Trading.

MT4 Margin to be increased for French Presidential Election on May 7th

As we move past the first round of the French elections, the second and final standoff will take place between Le Pen and Macron on Sunday the 7th of May.

Considering that the election will occur over the weekend and outside of market trading hours, we can expect that the Monday market open will see some wide spreads initially and erratic moves until stability returns as genuine liquidity enters the markets.

As part of Royals Responsible Provider mandate we will be raising margins on a select number of instruments for any clients that want to hold positions over the weekend leading into this major risk event.

This increase in margins will ensure that our clients are better placed to ride the anticipated Monday Open volitility and gap-risk.

Then once the market sees genuine liqudity return, Royal will return the margins back to normal.

The increase will take place on Friday 5th May 2017 at 15:00 GMT (18:00 MT4 Server Time).

Instrument Adjusted Margin
FX Crosses on EUR, CHF, JPY 10%
Oil (CL / BRN) 2%
Gold 10%
Silver 5%
US Indices 5%
DAX 30, CAC 40, EU 50 10%
FTSE 100 5%

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