Mega Forex Broker – XM just acquired the “1 millionth trader”

January 25, 2017

Congratulations to XM! The broker with 1 million retail clients in only 7 years of service.

Mega Forex Broker – XM just acquired the “1 millionth trader”

XM is happy to announce that number of clients which XM has acquired has just exceeded 1 million!

1 million clients from 196 different countries all over the world, within 7 years.

XM is believed to be one of the largest Forex brokers in the world, and it is growing rapidly continuously!

“1 million” is an extraordinary number for retail Forex brokers. There is only a handful of Forex brokers with this large number of unique clients acquired from all over the world.

XM’s marketing director has commented…

Following a dynamic 2016, fully dedicated to expanding our range of products and to maintaining the high standards achieved so far, XM is gaining strong momentum in the year 2017. Our determination to maintain quality has been rewarded with the trust of 1,000,000 unique new clients to this day.

– Chris A. Zacharia, Marketing Director of XM Group

“1 million” isn’t just a number, but it proves the high quality of service provided by XM over the years.

High leverage up to 1:888, average minimum spread of 0.0 pip with only $10 trading commissions and all kinds of continuous bonus promotions are also offered with very attractive conditions.

All trading styles are allowed on the platform, and XM has had no issues of withdrawals of clients’ over the years.

XM’s Trust is earned by their service quality and accepted by 1 million traders from all over the world.

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