Matador Prime 10% Deposit Bonus on your MT4 Live Account!

April 19, 2017

Matador Prime's first Bonus Promotion is available now!

Matador Prime 10% Deposit Bonus on your MT4 Live Account!


The bonus (up to $10,000 bonus money per client) is for new funds deposited into a live Matador Prime trading account from April 19th – May 30th, 2017.

The minimum TOTAL deposit eligible is $1,000 USD or equivalent.

Trading Requirement for the Bonus

Matador Prime requires that each client trades a minimum of ‘N’ standard lots round turn (trades) to be eligible to withdraw bonus funds.

‘N’ is equal to the amount of bonus dollars divided by 5. For example, If $2,000 is deposited a 10% bonus would be $200 USD.

The minimum number of round turn lots traded must be 200/5 = 40 lots.

Deposited funds eligible for the bonus must remain in the customer’s account for a minimum of 90 days from date of deposit.

Both conditions must be met to withdrawal the bonus deposit.

There is a timeline on how long the bonus can remain in your account. You must trade the required lots in 90 days after deposit or we have the right to withdrawal the bonus.

For more information, please contact Matador Prime support team.

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