Margin Requirement increased due to German Federal Election this Sunday

September 20, 2017

FxPro Trading Conditions During the 2017 German Federal Election.

Margin Requirement increased due to German Federal Election this Sunday

Please note that FXPro is going to increase required margin on specific financial instruments due to expected high volatility by German Federal Election.

Please find the table below for the details of change.

 Affected Financial Instruments  All European Spot Indices
 (Increased) Required Margin  2%
 Period  Friday, September 22, 2017, at 15:00 (GMT+3)
 Affected Positions  Both Existing and New Positions

The German Federal Election of 2017, will be held on Sunday 24th September, and we expect that the event will cause significant high volatility in the financial markets.

Due to such an event, you may expect:

  • Wider spreads
  • Abnormal price movements
  • Re-quotes
  • Higher slippage amount

We strongly advise you to monitor any open positions that you may have and visit the FxPro Official Website frequently for any important updates.

Before and after the events, FXPro might change the trading conditions without a prior notice and the changes may include:

  • Allow fixed spreads to float to reflect underlying market conditions.
  • Refuse the opening of new positions(Enabling “Close Only” functionality).

The above conditions may apply, in case of extreme volatility and illiquidity.

For more information or inquiries, please contact FXPro support team directly.

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