Margin Increased: US Presidential Election Changed Trading Conditions

November 3, 2016

**Reminder** | Increase in Margin Requirements at 3.11.2016.


Please note that the information of Tradeo on the website maybe outdated.

Margin Increased: US Presidential Election Changed Trading Conditions

This article is originally referred from Tradeo News

Here is the reminder from Tradeo support team.

As a precautionary measure to the possible impact of the upcoming US Presidential election on the financial markets, and to ensure that unexpected volatility doesn’t cause disruptions, starting this Thursday, November 3rd  2016, From 12:00 (GMT+2), the leverage (margin requirements) on the following instruments will be changed as follows:

  • All Forex Currency Pairs (Excluding RUB and MXN related pairs) –1:50 (2% margin)
  • RUB and MXNrelated Forex currency pairs – 1:5 (20% margin)
  • US Indices – USTech_100,FT_DJ30, FT_S&P500 – 1:10 (10% margin)
  • All Other Indices & Commodities 1:20 (5% margin)

As a result of this change in margin requirements and in order to avoid liquidation of trades, you may need to consider closing some open trades and / or deposit more funds to your accounts.

Please note that in accordance with markets volatility, we might take further actions such as restrict some instruments to close only or increase margin requirements.

We urge you to make sure in advance that your accounts are well capitalized throughout this period of significant volatility and high margin requirements.

We will notify you as soon as the leverage will be returned to normal, depending on the market conditions.

Should you require any further clarification with respect to the above, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Tradeo Team

Original Source: Tradeo News

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