Margin increased due to US Presidential Election on CentroFX MT5

November 8, 2016

Changed Trading Conditions during 2016 US Presidential Election by CentroFX.


Please note that Hercules Finance is no longer introducing "CentroFX" due to regulatory reasons.

Margin increased due to US Presidential Election on CentroFX MT5

The leverage change on the trading platform will be made on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 10:00 am GMT+2 (server time).

Please find the details of changed trading conditions below.

All Forex Currency Pairs: Maximum Leverage 1:100

Stock CFDs: Maximum Leverage 1:20

Commodity/Future CFDs: Maximum Leverage 1:40

Precious Metals: Maximum Leverage 1:40

Index CFDs: Maximum Leverage 1:40

Please note that, should market conditions deem it necessary, CentroFX reserves the right to make additional changes to trading conditions in the days prior to and after the US Elections.

CentroFX will not take any responsibilities of Stop Out caused by the changed trading conditions.

You are strongly recommended to review your all open positions and close some positions or make more deposits to support your trades during the period.

For further information, please contact CentroFX support team.

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