Lowest FX Trading Cost with the Small Deposit Requirement on MT4 and MT5

April 15, 2017

"If investing is entertaining, if you’re having fun, you’re probably not making any money..." - George Soros.

Lowest FX Trading Cost with the Small Deposit Requirement on MT4 and MT5

We, Hercules Finance have recently researched on every single FX broker’s trading cost.

The “cost” in this case include the “Monitored Actual Spread” & “Trading Commissions”. Thus we can see which FX broker really offers its service with lowest trading cost, but not comparing the numbers promoted on their websites.

While many FX brokers offer their “lowest trading cost” with more than 20,000 USD of minimum deposit requirement, we learned that there is a Broker with almost the same “Lowest Cost” but that requires only 500 USD as the required deposit amount.

That is FXPro, the Mega Forex Broker in Europe.

We have monitored the Spread of FXPro, and the average minimum cost was only 0.6 pip with No extra commissions to be charged on.

Thus the cost is only $6 per $100,000 worth of transactions, and you can have that Trading Conditions by just making a deposit of 500 USD.

It is nearly the half of average cost charged by other Forex brokers.

FXPro for over 10 years

FXPro’s professional service is very remarkable.

No troubles or major complains over 10 years, and the number of live accounts have already exceeded 540,000 which proves to be one of the Largest Forex Broker on earth.

With FXPro, you are provided with everything you need such as Trading Tools. Platforms, Analysis, Automated Trading System etc.

As a Trusted Forex broker, the broker is recommended for any types of retail investors who are looking to invest their funds to FX, Stocks, Commodity, Metals and many other financial markets.

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