Let’s trade with FBS to get iPhone6s

FBS is giving away iPhone6s to its royal traders. Don't miss out this opportunity!


"Let's trade with FBS to get iPhone6s" has ended. You may find the list of current Promotions of FBS in its dedicated introduction page. Find Out More

Let’s trade with FBS to get iPhone6s

Promotion Details

Dates3.24.2016 - 3.23.2017
Available toNew and existing clients
How to getDeposit $5,000 & trade 500 lots

There is a new page for this promotion available. Please visit the page below.

NEW! Get iPhone 6s

FBS is running “A lot of Apples promotion” since 2014, and they have changed the conditions to receive the iPhone6s for traders.

How to receive the original iPhone6

  1. Open an account with FBS
  2. Deposit more than $5000
  3. Trade more than 500 standard lots
  4. Share your accomplishment in Facebook
  5. Request iPhone6s to FBS – [email protected]
  6. An Original iPhone6s will be sent to your registered address.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotion runs from 16.09.2014.
  2. All traders with FBS can take part of the promotion regardless of your country residence.
  3. Your total deposit amount, excluding withdrawal amount, needs to exceed more than 5000$.
  4. To receive an iPhone6s, you need to trade 500 standard lots.
  5. 1 lot on a “Cent” account will be calculated as 0.01 standard lot.
  6. To claim the bonus, you need to send a request to [email protected]
  7. The calculations of total deposit amount and total lot volume traded has started since 16th of September 2014.
  8. After the conditions fulfillment check is finished, FBS will send the client an original iPhone 6s by a delivery means at the Company’s own discretion.
  9. The account participating the promotion can not be taking part in other promotions and no bonuses credited or received.
  10. Only one iPhone6s is available for one client.
  11. In case of hedged positions, only the smaller order’s volume would take part in calculations.
  12. “Hedged positions” in this case, means the second order (opposite direction order) was opened not earlier than in 3 hours after the first one had been placed.

Please carefully read the official T&C provided by FBS before participating this campaign. The information provided above are only intended to help traders understand the conditions.

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