Let’s see FXPro with “Numbers”! Is it really a Mega Forex Broker in Europe?

July 6, 2017

Let's see FXPro's service level with numbers!

Let’s see FXPro with “Numbers”! Is it really a Mega Forex Broker in Europe?

FXPro is proud to announce that the number of “Facebook Likes” have reached 200,000 today!

Let us take this opportunity to introduce FXPro with “Numbers”, so you can understand how BIG they are in the industry.

200 employees

The number is confirmed by FXPro’s several workers already.

Some medium-sized FX brokers only have 5 – 10 workers to run a brokerage firm.

Offices in 2 countries

FXPro is ready to provide service internationally.

Their 24/5 support is available in multi-language!

10 years since 2006

FXPro has been active for a long time, and yet, there has been no issues or major problems with regulatory authorities or investors.

150,000,000 orders executed

Well, that’s a lot of number.

FXPro also publishes a report of order executions quarterly to show how their orders are executed.

4 trading platforms

Not one, but FXPro offers 4 trading platforms including MT4, MT5, cTrader and FXPro Market.

40 industry awards

Industry awards can be bought, but still it’s a large number of awards and accreditation FXPro has earned in 10 years.

300 financial instruments with 6 asset classes

With FXPro, you can invest in FX, Stocks, Commodity, Metals, Energy, Index and more financial markets through one live account.

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